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We are an Arizona charity that supports the organ transplant community through organ donation and transplantation advocacy.

We engage our community through event participation and knowledge sharing activities to support our mission.

Help support us by volunteering, giving a tax deductible donation, becoming an organ donor, or spreading the word about us.

Register with us and we can help you on your transplant journey!


Our Stories

Butterfly Wonderland

Last week, I spent the afternoon at Butterfly Wonderland with my daughter and grandson, Cassandra and Carter. If you haven't been there in a while it is definitely worth the trip. They have expanded and added some fantastic exhibits. Butterfly Wonderland is home to the Friendliest Butterflies. The main attraction is the conservatory, which is a rainforest paradise filled with thousands of butterflies that have traveled (via express post) from all over the world to greet guests each day. You can watch up to 70 species sip nectar from flowers, bask in the Arizona sunshine, and dance the day away. This tropical paradise is also [...]

January 10, 2023|0 Comments

Donor Dash Sets Records

Last month, Transplant Community Alliance held its annual fundraiser Donor Dash. The event hosts avid runners who are looking to get official times for other qualifying races, weekend warriors who like to get organized exercise, families out to enjoy fun fitness activities, and the robust transplant community. A friendly competition sprouted among the registered teams. Jim Cooper, Team Captain for Mayo Liver Transplant Support Group (fondly known as Jenna’s Groupies) had 36 members and raised $8,800. Team Sean, led by Maureen McGuire, had 11 team members and raised $1,000.  Kickin’ Asphalt, led by TCA Board Member Suzanne Reed, had 12 team members who raised more [...]

January 10, 2023|0 Comments

Special Ways for Donor Families to Pay Tribute.

With the holidays among us we are surrounded by bustling busyness and holiday cheer, however the holidays can be a tough time for many. Empty chairs remind us of family members lost and their absence is heightened with past holiday memories and traditions. While this can be a difficult time, it can also be a time to honor those loved ones.  Honoring our loved ones can bring a sense of purpose and donor families often find comfort as they seek out ways to honor and remember their loved ones. This can be achieved in a variety of ways and there truly is no right or [...]

December 1, 2022|0 Comments
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