Transplant Team AZ Brings Home The Hardware

This was a particularly exciting year at the Transplant Games of America. After being canceled in 2020, our team was looking sharp and in top-shape to take on the competition. After all the dust settled, our team sealed a total of 57 [...]

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Transplant Games 2022

As you read this, Transplant Team AZ is traveling back to Arizona after a week at the Transplant Games in San Diego. This year, Team AZ was represented by 22 competitors and more than 40 supporters. Our team did amazingly in the [...]

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Morrill’s Second Life Birthday

Life can change in an instant, and for Morrill Beckman, this was the case. Morrill was diagnosed with FSGS (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) while attending flight school at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH. During a biannual flight physical, it was suggested that [...]

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Greg’s Travel Blog

Bisbee, Arizona feels like a place captured in time. It’s well-preserved early-twentieth-century downtown draws visitors from around the world, who appreciate its historic architecture, it's welcoming, creative spirit and cool climate. This quaint town is full of history that includes copper mining, [...]

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Just Call Judy

No matter where you are on your transplant journey, you have much to ponder. Regardless of what you might face right now, you probably never have a day when you wake up and feel excited to think about your insurance and medical [...]

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Greg’s Travel Blog-Prescott

Many of us are familiar with Prescott, AZ.  The 1.5-hour drive from Phoenix provides a cool escape from the summer heat, the opportunity to relax in the Courthouse Square, stroll through antique shops and wander along Whiskey Row. But do you know [...]

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Greg’s Travel Blog-Riparian Reserve

The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, located in Gilbert, is a 110-acre preserve that provides a unique opportunity for bird watching, walking, and enjoying the great outdoors. The preserve is an urban wetland habitat that provides refuge for 200 different species of [...]

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