Team Membership

Read about your teammates running for leadership positions!

Name Irene Marra
Position Assistant Manager
Why do you want to run for this position? Because I would love to serve in this position to help the manager who covers a lot. Little does anyone know, the manager is involved and completely committed 100%
I have seen first hand what goes into this job.
I will work with manager to assist with anything that needs to be done .
What skills would you bring to the Team? I have been to 2 games and 1 world games I can help others as to the process.
I have been in several transplant committees.
My volunteering with the transplant team has been outstanding and I am at every event.
I would serve the team and be devoted to our cause
What you like to see the Team do next year? I would love to see more events like the golf tournament because we are working with a larger group getting the word out to them on transplant community.
Outreach through events and community service. I went to one event to find 4 people who are interested in the transplant team games.
I am in a bowling league and signed up 2 more for the games . I’d like to see our team bigger and grow with us. Helping a fellow team member and support on sporting event would help in them achieving a medal at the games . I constantly try to send in and ask for help I will continue to seek funding source to help us succeed at the games
Name Ben Wilson
Position Manager and Cornea & Tissue Liaison
Why do you want to run for this position? I have experience in performing the duties of manager, and I would like to continue in that role. I believe I can help the team in those two positions.  My first choice would be as the Team Manager.  I have experience in the three aspects of the job which are critical to making the US Games enjoyable for everyone.  Those are fundraising, hotel rooms, and gear (uniforms and pins).

With respect to “Cornea & Tissue Liaison”, I am willing to serve, but don’t have much experience

What skills would you bring to the Team? I have worked for the last two years as manager and I have the experience necessary to best serve the Team. I have been attending Committee meetings for the last year for the Arizona games development.
I also assist Transplant Community Alliance in launching the new Mentoring Program and work at Fundraising for the Living Assistance Program. I am very active in the community, and I always talk about the Team, finding new members to join the team.
Name Spencer Hayes
Position Donor Registration Liaison
Why do you want to run for this position? I’ve volunteered before in Indiana signing up organ donors. I love helping potential donors and get them registered. I’ve also helped at UNOS and IOPO conventions and have had a lot of training. I have a positive attitude and a great willingness to help out.
What skills would you bring to the Team? I am very dependable and you can always count on me to show up. I have done a lot of fundraising for Team Indiana and have alot of ideas. We need to do all we can to educate community.
Name Andrew Bombeck
Position Cornea & Tissue Liaison
Why do you want to run for this position? I was the tissue liaison for the 2016 games and I volunteer on a regular basis for Donor Network, advocating for people to sign up as donors. I also taught organ donation in the public schools for New Life Society and Donor Network.
What skills would you bring to the Team?  I have been a TTA member since 2004 and board member for Transplant Community Alliance.
I have experience in this area and would continue doing what TTA has done in the past.
Name Jennifer D’Oliveira
Position Media Coordinator
Why do you want to run for this position? I believe in my heart that being an organ donor is one of the greatest gifts you can give another person.  Supporting transplant patients is also critical.  It is overwhelming  mentally, physically and financially for someone starting their new life with a new organ. Transplant recipients need all the support we can give them. I believe that activity after transplation is really important also. The Transplant Games are a huge opportunity to do that. It’s also an opportunity to be a part of a very special community.

I would love to see the Team doing informational tables at events. I would also love to see more press releases and promotion on social media. I believe that it would be productive to have some fundraising events to support the Team specifically as opposed to our Donor Dash which supports the Living Assistance Fund. I would like to see us volunteering more in conjuction with Donor Network.

What skills would you bring to the Team? In my 34 years in the work force I have varied and extensive experience in business and beyond. I spent many years in retail managing and running stores and being a buyer. This included promoting my stores.  I owned my own wedding coordination business. Being extremely organized, creative and forward thinking was necessary to make people’s dreams come true. Since the advent of social media I have spent time learning to become proficient in promoting my business online. I also  have extensive experience in customer service as a result of all the years of doing retail and owning my own businesses.
Name Carol Inman
Position Diversity Liaison
Why do you want to run for this position? I would like to embrace more  diverse members in our community, to make those of varied cultural backgrounds aware of the inclusive and supportive community we have available as well as opportunities with social and medical outreach.
I’ve served two terms (four years) on the Athlete’s Advisory Council for the Transplant Games of America and have attended numerous U.S. Transplant Games as well as World Transplant Games, since 1992.
What skills would you bring to the team? As an organized and “big picture” person  I hope to bring new options to approaching transplants and groups that fit this platform.
. . . perhaps speaking to recent transplants or groups in lower-income areas
Name Deb Lofgreen
Position Assistant Manager, Membership Coordinator
Why do you want to run for this position? As a TTA member & participating athlete since 2012 – 2019 World Games,  I have experienced the incredible amount of work it takes to get this team to the next event.
And I believe everyone should be involved with contributing their time & talents to the effort.
What skills can you bring to the Team?

Professionally, I was in management at all levels – sales, training, marketing, and general and District/Regional  Management with  2 international companies.
Oversaw & coordinated people, products, inventories, sales, deliveries, warehouses, advertising, special events & customer service, for nearly 40 years.
Many of the skills needed to grow & influence this team’s success.
I believe everyone on the team needs to be a spokes person for  transplant & the team.

What skills would you bring to the team? With the right tools, many could volunteer to do short programs for their support groups, community organizations, schools, your own church or other organizations.

Believe we need more opportunities for the team to gather, to get to know each other. Perhaps even renew the picnic in Casa Grande so those from Tucson to meet as well.

And car pooling to Tucson, for events there.
Encourage wearing the uniform shirt to clinic, hospital visits.

How about a Pickleball Tournament?
Or a Corn Hole Tournament?
Established with the backing of either’s professional organization.

Each & everyone should be showing our colors & talking about the games at every opportunity. We never know who’s trigger will be switched by just learning of the opportunities. Even have one guy, using a walker, who is intent on competing & set his goal. Personally, my goal was set just by a chance hearing comment, between two guys walking down the hall outside my hospital room  after my transplant. I joined the team two months out, but could not compete until 2014.