ProAuto Motorsports

Thank you for volunteering at this unique fundraiser! The donations collected at the track allow us to offer sponsorships for travel and lodging for transplant recipients attending the Transplant Games of America.

Our main purpose at the track is to collect liability signatures from everyone entering the racing area. As people approach the admission gate, we hand them a clipboard for everyone in the vehicle to print and sign their names. While signatures are being collected, tell the drivers you are volunteering with Transplant Team Arizona. Let them know that you are collecting donations for the DonateLife Transplant Games and that you are raising awareness for organ donation and transplantation.

There will be racing packets to hand out to registered drivers.  If they are not registered, you can direct them to the registration desk after you get their waiver signature.

Volunteers will be given a purple team t-shirt.  Email or call 602-266-2771 if you don’t have one.  Wear a hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.  Bring plenty of water.  There is water and food inside the racing area.

This year will will have donor registration cards and flyers for anyone interested in being on the organ and tissue registry. I recommend all volunteers go through the Donor Network of Arizona online training on donation.