He can easily wrangle more than 50,000 bees, 7 cats and keep a single engine plane safely in the air. He’s not superman, but he is TCA’s newest Board Member, Mike Scarbrough.

Prior to joining the Board, Mike worked at GoDaddy for 15 years and was part of a company downsizing. “This was right before I was planning to retire anyway so I was lucky to get a severance package I would not have otherwise, and I’m now officially retired.” When asked what Mike liked most about his job before he retired, he said “the people I worked with. I worked in tech support and sales so if you have GoDaddy-related questions feel free to reach out.”

“I actually to high school with TCA Board President, Greg Welsh. Although we didn’t know each other well until we worked together at good ole Long John Silver’s back in our teenage years.” Mike continued, “We’ve kept in touch over the years, then he asked if I would be interested in providing a non-recipient/donor perspective on the organization’s operations. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and learning their transplant stories, which has exposed me to the trials and tribulations donors and recipients go through.”

Practically an Arizona native, Mike moved here with his family when he was just 3 months old. They have lived throughout the entire state from Flagstaff to Williams to Phoenix. Staying true to his roots, Mike is a Sun Devil and graduated from ASU with a degree in Computer Science.

Mike has several hobbies that keep him busy, in addition to being a hobby beekeeper and a member of ‘The Dons of Arizona’, whose mission is to perpetuate the legends and lore of the southwest. He loves reading books and squeezing them in whenever he’s not surfing the net or watching TV.

He and his wife Shannon don’t have kids, but they take care of 7 cats. Between bees and cats, Mike and Shannon manage to get away occasionally. One of their favorite trips was to Greece to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They also enjoy visiting Rocky Point for some rest and relaxation. Shannon and Mike have been married for more than 33 years. He says, “she keeps me on track and has been a great influence on my life, she’s the best partner and friend a man could ask for!”

We are honored to have Mike as a board member of TCA. His passion, expertise, and leadership have been instrumental in advancing our mission and vision. We are grateful for his generous support and dedication to our cause.