On May 20, be ready for a creative combination of storytelling and infectious melodies as the Talbott Brothers headline the Music to Save a Life concert.  Held at Mortimer Farms in Dewey Ariz., the Talbott Brothers are sure to entertain the crowd with their unique blend of alternative folk, rock and blues.

Based on the title, it’s obvious this concert is about more than great music. The concert was created to raise awareness and put a light on the importance of living organ donation.  The concert is the brainchild of the Hebets family, who understand the lifesaving impact organ donation and particularly living organ donors have on a family.

At age 55, Scott Hebets was in kidney failure as a result of 40 years of insulin dependent diabetes. His four siblings offered to be screened for compatibility. His sister, Patti, was already retired and would have the least impact on her day-to-day life.  Luckily Patti was a good match and the transplant surgery was scheduled for Oct. 11, 2017. Both siblings came through the procedures and post-op exceptionally well.  Post-transplant, Scott quickly reported that he felt better than he had in years.  Because of this living-saving kidney transplant, Scott was now eligible for a pancreas transplant, as well.  Six months later, Scott received a pancreas transplant and is now no longer a diabetic.

Their young cousin Bobby Stemrich was born with one kidney, this made it probable he would need a transplant at some point in his life.  Bobby’s older brother, Geo, agreed to be tested and was determined to be a good match.  From that point, Geo gave up smoking and started a fitness program so that he would be in the best health possible when the time came.  In August of 2019, when Bobby was 21 and Geo was 28, the time came for the kidney transplant. Both had successful surgeries and the brothers continue to living life to the fullest!

Additionally, a Hebets’ cousin-in-law was diagnosed with a rare blood disease which required a bone marrow transplant.  Steve’s sister was a good match and agreed to be his bone marrow donor.  She was 6 months pregnant at the time, so Steve was kept alive with blood transfusions until the surgery could be performed 3 months later. Steve had a full recovery and is enjoying being a dad thanks to the gift of bone marrow from his sister, Kelly.

This is the story of one family that has been impacted from the lifesaving gift of living organ donation. This impact is fueling the passion of the Hebets family to increase awareness of living donation.

A living donor is an option that can reduce the  lengthy wait for a patient whom otherwise would have to wait for an organ from a deceased donor. To spare an individual a long and uncertain wait, relatives, loved ones, friends, and even individuals who wish to remain anonymous may serve as living donors.

Donate Life America launched the National    Donate Life Living Donor Registry in 2022, a national-reaching living donor registry with the goal of reducing access barriers for prospective living donors. Individuals between the ages of 18-65 who register their decision to be a deceased organ, eye and tissue donor through the National Donate Life Registry RegisterMe.org, will also be offered the opportunity to register their interest in being a living kidney donor.

Concert is May 20, 2023 at 2 p.m. at the Mortimer Farms in Dewey, Ariz.  Purchase tickets for the concert at www.transplantaz.org/music-to-save-a-life-concert-2023/