March 3, 2018

What a spectacular event this is to promote organ, cornea and tissue donation!  As you enter the capitol’s lawn, you see 158 large placards with pictures of donors, donor families and recipients from across our state!  One of the pictures featured is Anna A Tovar, a state senator and also a bone marrow and stem cell recipient.  We know she is a huge supporter of the transplant and donor community!

Donor Network of Arizona organized the events and had over 20 volunteers attend!  They facilitated meetings for legislators and staff to hear from transplant recipients to show our appreciation for their continued support.  Each senator and representative received a collection of materials to reinforce the importance of working together with DNAZ to promote future donation.

The highlight from the day was Joey Case, a donor family member and NASCAR driver, whose quest is to travel the country encouraging others to give the gift of life.  Excited recipients and donor family members were able to place a pink stamp and message on the hood of his black #35 race car!  Imagine the thousands of fans who saw the DonateLife message and pink stamps when Joey hit the NASCAR races that weekend!!

For the animal lovers there was a very special guest, Ozzy and his trainer Kellye Pummill!  This Pomeranian, dressed in his DonateLife vest, proudly roamed the grounds spread the word about donation.  A registered pet therapy dog, Ozzy is a fitting ambassador for the special event!

Congratulations to Donor Network of Arizona for hosting a positive event for the entire Phoenix community!  Mark your calendars for March 2019!  you won’t want to miss DonateLife Day at the Capitol!

Jill Bowers, kidney recipient