Judy Maltz has been talking reimbursement since 1986 when she began her career in the home infusion therapy business…what she calls “the original specialty pharmacy”. After 10 years Judy left the provider environment to work for Healthcare Delivery Systems, a small but growing division of McKesson, which today is McKesson Specialty Solutions. Offering reimbursement consulting to manufacturers, conducting Provider Education, designing and managing Patient Assistance Programs and Reimbursement Hotlines across multiple therapeutic areas established Judy’s depth of knowledge in policy, coverage and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals.

As Reimbursement Program Manager for United BioSource Corporation (UBC), Judy fine-tuned her skills by developing payer advocacy strategies, providing payer coding and policy analysis, creating provider education modules and reimbursement programs for biotech and pharmaceutical companies including Sanofi Pasteur, Bayer, Novartis, and Gilead Sciences.

It was during these last 8 years at UBC when Judy worked as the reimbursement ambassador for Novartis Pharmaceuticals’ Transplant franchise that she found her true passion. In serving the transplant community, Judy always takes a patient-centric approach, working to resolve immediate reimbursement issues while continuing to clear the path to secure future medication coverage. This takes solid collaboration and consistent communication with patients, families, providers and payers. Her trademark is bringing insight and clarity to the most complex of payer issues through education, support, patience and perseverance.

Judy has presented at over 100 Transplant Centers across the country and is a speaker at transplant patient support groups.

Currently working as an Associate Director at Xcenda, LLC, a consulting company, Judy is also an active volunteer with her local chapters of the American Liver Foundation, the American Kidney Foundation and was appointed a board member of Transplant Community Alliance in 2016.