Are Medicare Advantage plans bad?

January 1st through March 31st is open enrollment time for Medicare Advantage plans. You can switch Medicare Advantage plans or leave a Medicare Advantage plan in place. You are able to pick up a Part D plan and possibly a supplement as well.

I have often been asked, “Are Medicare Advantage plans bad?”

Not really, they are just misunderstood. All too often Medicare beneficiaries try to enroll in coverage on their own without the free help from Transplant Community Alliance. There are some very important details to cover, especially for the transplant recipient. If you are unhappy with your plan, maybe it’s time to change.  You need to know the rules before you make any changes.

I can review your existing plan and we can look at what Plans are available.  You’ll learn how to get the best return on your investment (premium payments) while keeping the doctors you currently have.  A full plan review is waiting for you!   Email or call 602-277-2661  to sign up for a consultation.