Meet the newest members of Team AZ, who will be representing Arizona at the 2024 Transplant Games of America in Birmingham. These remarkable individuals are transplant recipients who have overcome incredible challenges. They will join thousands from across the nation to compete, celebrate life, and honor the selfless gift of organ donation. From July 5th to 10th, they will participate in various athletic and recreational competitions, showcasing their resilience and the life-changing impact of transplantation. Team AZ, along with their supporters, is set to make a memorable mark at this inspiring event

Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams from Tucson is a true embodiment of resilience and hope. After undergoing a life-changing double lung transplant, she has not only reclaimed her health but also her competitive spirit. Jennifer is set to compete in the Transplant Games of America, and will compete in the trivia challenge, women’s 200m track and field event, and mixed doubles in pickleball. This participation is not just about the medals but also about honoring her donor, raising awareness for organ donation, and inspiring others with her courage and determination. Jennifer’s journey from patient to athlete is a powerful testament to the possibilities that come with a second chance at life.

Kelly Calhoun

Kelly Calhoun lives in Mesa and is a testament to the enduring human spirit. After receiving a liver transplant, Kelly has taken her second chance at life to new heights by volunteering numerous hours with the Liver Foundation and Donor Network of AZ.  As part of the Transplant Team Arizona, Kelly will participate in the 5k event taking place Saturday July 6, 2024. Kelly will also take part in the quilt pinning in honor of her donor.  Her participation shines a light on the transformative power of organ donation and the hope it brings to many.

Karen Rosner

Karen Rosner’s story is one of extraordinary courage and tenacity. She currently resides in Mesa, she has faced a lifetime of heart challenges, culminating in a heart transplant that has set her on a new path of hope and vitality. Karen is a transplant social worker at Banner Health and wrote a book about her journey (My 12 Hours Aren’t Up Yet). Now, Karen is gearing up to compete in the Transplant Games of America, in pickleball doubles and participating in the 5K event. Her participation is not just a personal victory but also a powerful message about the importance of organ donation and the incredible journey of recovery and return to an active life.

Tracy Wingo

As a kidney recipient, Tracy will participate for the first time in Birmingham at the Transplant Games of America 2024. She plans to compete in the 5k run, track and field events, and pickleball doubles and mixed doubles.  She hopes her presence at the games will undoubtedly encourage and motivate fellow competitors and spectators alike.

Randy Oyaski

Randy Oyaski lives part time in both Ohio and Phoenix. He enjoys cooking and spends time being a self-taught chef. He has been a football coach for 19 years and was in the Original USFL as an Athletic Trainer for the Houston Gamblers. After a life-saving double lung transplant in 2012 and tissue grafts from skin cancer, Randy is gearing up to compete for the first time as part of Team AZ in the Transplant Games of America 2024 in Texas Hold’em, and golf singles. Randy has attended the TGA since 2016-Cleveland, where he took home 3 medals, Gold in Texas Hold’em, Silver in Singles Golf and Gold in Team Golf: all for Team Ohio.