Welcome to the new Donor Network of Arizona Building

By Melissa McQueen.

The Donor Network of Arizona has a new headquarters in Tempe to accommodate for size and workforce growth.  According to the Business Journal of Phoenix, plans submitted to Tempe’s city, the organization wants to construct a 70,000-square-foot administrative and clinical campus on undeveloped land at the northeast corner of 52nd Street and Rio Salado Parkway.

In 2018, 779 people were saved in Arizona by 283 organ donors. Nationwide, there was a record 36,500 transplants in 2018, so organ donation organizations across the country see the need to expand their capacity.

Donor Network has nearly tripled in size since moving into its last building in 2001.  The facility will be divided into administrative and clinical spaces. Three training rooms can open up into one larger space.  There is a beautiful new Board Room named Ironwood that can be booked online. The break room named “The Reg” is named after Reggie the Donor Cactus.  There is significantly increased storage room for a quick grab-and-go item for events and hospital presentations. There are several outdoor spaces for use for employees and events. 

The new building is a 24-hour entry, equipped with the latest medical grade areas for recovery.  The organization will be able to perform cornea and tissue recovery from donors at the facility as well as have space for education and outreach events, which have previously been hosted at other locations.

The Donor Network is planning to add opportunities to honor organ donors and their families in the new location and make the space inviting for visitors.  Upon entering the building, you can see the beautiful word wall that displays words often associated with transplants, like hope, remembrance, and compassion.  All words that family and recipients use. The lighting is very strategic to let in natural light, and there are two living walls covered in plant life. 

Hanging over the staircase is artwork entitled “Chromasis” by Jeff Zischke and features a sculpture of light that serves as a metaphor for giving and receiving of life. The sculpture is reminiscent of a dandelion.  Giving and receiving is also the mission of the Donor Network of Arizona.   

Watch a walk-through of the building at http://bit.ly/DNAZ-tour