A life long resident of Arizona, Zoe grew up in rural Gilbert. She graduated from Highland High School in Gilbert and then continued on to pursue a Bachelor of Music Performance at Denver University in Colorado.

Returning to Phoenix in 2001 she began bookkeeping for the family business, MSC Distributing. Zoe’s great grandfather Herbert L Stevenson settled in Phoenix in 1903 and established Motor Supply Company, a warehousing company that provided auto parts for the newly manufactured Model T. The Stevensons ran this business for over a hundred years, selling the auto parts division in the 1980s and focusing on oil. Zoe was the forth generation to run the company in 2014. After starting out in bookkeeping and everyday management, she was promoted to president of a $12 million a year company that distributed Pennzoil, Shell products all over the state of Arizona. Zoe’s fiscal responsibly to the family carried the company through the recession. No job was too small or too great for her as she always was willing to conquer any obstacle. The company was sold in 2016, and she was the primary negotiator.

When Zoe started as office manager at New Life Society in 2017, she was brand new to the transplant community, however she brought a caring and inclusive attitude. Always striving to improve the organization, she is keen to lead it into a future of helping more people to survive and negotiate the complicated world of organ transplantation. In February of 2018, the board displayed great confidence in her ability and promoted her to Executive Director.

Zoe loves life and helps everyone she touches to improve theirs. Never taking no for an answer, she is analytical and methodical when working to solve problems. She has an appetite for learning and self improvement.

In her leisure time, Zoe enjoys horseback riding, spending quality time with her wife and her family, playing the piano and working around the house.